Hi Qing,

> > Do you really want a web interface for solely letting users delete their
> > account? Why should they do so? Or are you looking for a function to
> > integrate into an existing web environment?
> I want users to delete their own account if they are not going to use the service 
> any more.

Okay, so you already have a web interface where they can subscribe,
right? So it's not a question of "finding a script" rather than "how do
I implement this in my script?", right?

> Would you please give me more detail? I am not sure how to do.  Thanks a lot.
> I have tried to use php to do exec() and system() but failed.

exec() is wrong; system() is right. The biggest problem is about
permissions. Under which user do you have your script running? It needs
write access to the directory of your domains, so normally the rights of
the "vpopmail" user, or another user if you created the domain with "-u

Question: How do you _create_ new users?


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