well thats not sure that the users have 15 minutes, the cron might work
after 10 seconds also. :) So perhaps you can say in maximum 15 minutes the
email account would be deleted.

and again, I dont know the implications of using vdeololdusers every 15
minutes when you have many many users. Perhaps unnecessary load on server?


On Sat, 30 Aug 2003, Shane Chrisp wrote:

> I think the following would be sufficient.
> 1. Auth the user against the database using their email/passwd
> 2. Change the last auth value to a year ago.
> 3. Display a message that they have until the next quarter hour
>    to change their mind about deleting their account, and if they
>    decide to keep it, to pop into their mailbox.
> 4. cron the vdeloldusers to run at */15.
> Can you think of anything I have missed?
> Shane
> >
> >Thats something I havent thought of also :) Yet you should 
> >wait until the
> >vdeloldusers program is run after you set your account to be deleted.
> >
> >I think the best way is to run it from php by utilizing an external
> >program/script which has setuid. Which double checks the 
> >username/password
> >to be sure that the person who runs the script is the actual user.
> >
> >Evren

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