Now that's actually an idea I hadnt thought of. You could change the last
auth field for the user to some value like 12 months ago in the databasr
and then cron the vdeloldusers to delet anyone older than that value. 
This wouldn't require any special permissions/perl scripts, just a crontab 


>Well, if you are using mysql, why dont you use the veloldusers program
>periodicly to delete unused accounts? you can perhaps delete 
>accounts not
>logged in for 3 months. Like hotmail does.
>I think its a really bad idea to think that user will delete his email
>when he doesnt use it :) Well I dont think anybody would go 
>through this.
>Why would somebody delete their own account anyhow? even if 
>they are not
>going to use it anymore.

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