Thats something I havent thought of also :) Yet you should wait until the
vdeloldusers program is run after you set your account to be deleted.

I think the best way is to run it from php by utilizing an external
program/script which has setuid. Which double checks the username/password
to be sure that the person who runs the script is the actual user.


On Sat, 30 Aug 2003, Shane Chrisp wrote:

> Now that's actually an idea I hadnt thought of. You could change the last
> auth field for the user to some value like 12 months ago in the databasr
> and then cron the vdeloldusers to delet anyone older than that value. 
> This wouldn't require any special permissions/perl scripts, just a crontab 
> entry.
> Shane
> >Well, if you are using mysql, why dont you use the veloldusers program
> >periodicly to delete unused accounts? you can perhaps delete 
> >accounts not
> >logged in for 3 months. Like hotmail does.
> >
> >I think its a really bad idea to think that user will delete his email
> >when he doesnt use it :) Well I dont think anybody would go 
> >through this.
> >Why would somebody delete their own account anyhow? even if 
> >they are not
> >going to use it anymore.
> >
> >

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