Hi Qing,

> I am using vQregister for users to regsiter email account.

Ah, ok - it's setuid, so it always runs with the right permissions.

> vQregister runs as vpopmail.vchkpw.  I have tried to php to call vuserinfo in 
> /home/vpopmail/bin/ but it returns nothing.  I think it is the premission problem.
> Apache is runing as wwwrun.nogroup.  So I don't know how should I do now.

There's a couple a possibilities:

1) To let PHP scripts run under a different user than the webserver, use
   suPHP (http://www.suphp.org/)

2) Use a perl script with suidperl

3) Write a C program and make it setuid

4) Configure sudo to call vdeluser with vpopmail permissions

5) Something I haven't thought about yet

All of these are beyond the scope of using vpopmail; please inform
yourself through the according documentation.

Or, probably the cleanest solution: Ask the vQregister authors to
implement such a "delete myself" function.


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