Jeff Koch <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> It seems that the qmail, vpopmail, qmailadmin people tend to recommend
> squirrelmail and sqwebmail. However, these are both imap clients.

SqWebMail isn't an IMAP client, it reads Maildirs natively.

> Our initial reaction is to prefer (in order to save bandwidth, cpu
> cycles and disk space) pop3 and have users keep their mail folders
> on their local PC's. Why do you all like the imap web email clients?

Because when you're on travel, your mail is inaccessible on those PCs,
whether at work or at home.  With IMAP you can leave mail on server,
organize it into folders, search it, etc.

Sure, it the server has to pay for disk, but in a corporate setting,
one would pay for disk whether it's on a server or a desktop.  A
server, hopefully, would be backed up so you should lose mail if you
lose a system.

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