how do you delete messages from server? :) next time you check your
emails, your mail client would delete all from your inbox too...
unless you move them to another folder manually (probably a local folder)

On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Adam Hooper wrote:

> Chris Shenton wrote:
> > Because when you're on travel, your mail is inaccessible on those PCs,
> > whether at work or at home.  With IMAP you can leave mail on server,
> > organize it into folders, search it, etc.
> > 
> > Sure, it the server has to pay for disk, but in a corporate setting,
> > one would pay for disk whether it's on a server or a desktop.  A
> > server, hopefully, would be backed up so you should lose mail if you
> > lose a system.
> > 
> *OR* with IMAP you can download messages and delete them from the server 
> just like with POP. I've always felt that IMAP just makes up for the 
> deficiencies in POP -- it allows all the same activities, as well as so 
> much more.
> -- 
> Adam Hooper

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