Could it be that you're linking against MySQL client 3 instead of MySQL client 4? Or is your MySQL 4.0 client library trying to connect to MySQL 4.1 server? You've definitely got a version mismatch of *some* sort....

Also, I'd strongly recommend NOT using MySQL Server 4.1.0. It was released just to convince people that MySQL AB follows the "release early, release often" philosophy (though that version is ages old by now), but it really has too many bugs. If you absolutely need the latest MySQL (for subselects and derived tables, for example, though I don't see how you need use them in the vpopmail database) then install from the 4.1 bitkeeper branch. Instructions are on

If you don't know what you want, you want MySQL 4.0.13. And you want to uninstall MySQL Client 3.

Adam Hooper

eLgino wrote:

ERROR 1249: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by
server. Consider upgrading MySQL client

i have mysql client 3 AND 4 and server 4.1.0
OS: FreeBSD 4.8
vpopmail= newest one

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We use it with 4.x without a problem.



eLgino wrote:

hi folks,

does work vpopmail with MySQL 4.1.0? or only with version 3?


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