Ms. Catherine Kouzmanoff writes:

> It is a  time to call together everyone on this list to insist that Tom 
> Collins  add Ken Jones or another representative from Inter7.

I've been using vpopmail for a few years now and didn't really care who
was in control as long as somebody was.  When I saw Ken's comments I
that perhaps Tom had acted a little precipitously in blocking Ken.  After 
seeing your shameful comments I am inclined to think that Tom was correct.

Ken himself seems like a nice guy who is genuinely concerned for the
users and who feels left out.  You seem like a piece of shit determined
to keep the Inter7 stamp on vpopmail at all costs (which fall upon the

Tom has done a damned good job and Ken has been inactive recently.  If
I had to choose one or the other then I would choose Tom on that basis
alone.  After your shameful diatribe I am of the opinion that Ken NEVER
have admin access to the sourceforge project while you remain an
employee at Inter 7.

You have George Dumbya Dush's talent for uniting people.  Most of the
world now hates the US and most of this list now hates you and Inter 7.
Well done!

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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