Inter7 remains supportive of all efforts to enhance the development process. However, we cannot publicly back the development efforts of Tom Collins' work without administrative privileges on SourceForge. It is a time to call together everyone on this list to insist that Tom Collins add Ken Jones or another representative from Inter7. We are all a part of the community development process. Without cohesion, Tom's efforts may be in vain. Tom has great ideas. Tom is putting the efforts into managing the SourceForge development. And if these efforts can enhance and support our open source community, we will show our support.

Tom, give us something we can support. Give our community the name backing it needs to feel confident using the SourceForge new versions.

I agree with Catherine. I appreciate the hard work by Tom and others but have not heard a good reason why Ken should not have a leading role to play. This means Ken should have an admin account on sourceforge. Tom brings a lot of good ideas and cooperation will benefit everyone.


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