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Toasterz Admin writes:

Paul L. Allen wrote:

you are obviously a person who loves to whine and when not whining, likes to rage. am i correct in this?

Actually, you're wrong.

how could i be wrong just because you say it's so. your posts are irrefutable... why even try?

no need to reply,

see above and you do it below. calling me a moron.

if you're so incredibly competent, why don't you grasp the simple premise of open source.--to wit: write the incredibly easy and simple patch.

Because the concept of Open Source that you apparently have NOT grasped
is that I have to convince the project lead that my idea is a sensible

you don't have to convice anybody. do it yourself. if it's useful the community will adopt.

Oh, there is another concept of Open Source which you apparently
have NOT grasped: that people may submit suggestions even if they have
no idea how to add them to the code.

submitting suggestions for a new and questionable feature and puffing your pet issue up with inflamatory
rhetoric like OBVIOUS DEFECT wastes valuable time and bandwidth. why don't you address the real
bugs and such that are of a higher priority. when those are ALL handled, trivial matters of which you're still raving
can be addresses at leisure.

since you like to talk about proprietary software vs. open source, i'll let you know what really makes software of
any kind successful... developers. at root, microsoft became what it is for one simple reason, people wrote software for it.
ms courted developers early and often.

open source is about the code. that's it. all the rest of your marketing-speak and quasi-religious blather is peripheral to the core
issue. contribute. think carefully before you post about the pet annoyance with which you're infatuated. contribute something real.
send that 10 second script with your whiny feature request.

you really ought to apoligize to the list for your bad behavior.

Ummm, and a few other things you missed about Open Source. If I have a feature request you dislike but it is entirely optional whether it is present or not then neither of us loses and one of us gains. This is how Open Source evolves. Fetchmail has code specific to one particular ISP in the UK that nobody else in the world and nobody in the UK who does not use that ISP will need. Do other fetchmail users suffer because people who use have a feature they need? Of course not.

Oh, and yet another concept of Open Source you have not grasped.  One
of the project leads not only thought my idea a good one, he suggested
an improvement upon it.

the only OBVIOUS DEFECT here is your highly evolved sense of whining.

it seems that you don't know when to shut up either. blah blah blah.

If you follow the thread (if you are CAPABLE) then you will note that
I suggested, some morons (like yourself) whined) and I flamed.  Please
come back for more flames if you wish.  There will be no whining here if
you do.

i thought i'd be polite and take this off the list and now i'm moving our enlightened discussion back, since you're nasty.
kelley g

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