Toasterz Admin writes:

> Paul L. Allen wrote:
> >Toasterz Admin writes:

> >Actually, you're wrong.
> >
> how could i be wrong just because you say it's so.

What a wonderfully compelling argument.  How could you possibly be
wrong just because I say so?  Ummmmmmm, wait, you called me wrong
because YOU said so.  Only you did not provide compelling arguments
after your accusation and I did.

> your posts are irrefutable...

Damn right.  You CANNOT refute them so you resort to smoke and mirrors.
Hint: if you want to accuse me of something, read a dictionary first.

> why even try?

I will NEVER deny anything I have posted.  In fact I revel in it.

> you don't have to convice anybody. do it yourself. if it's useful the 
> community will adopt.

Ah, you have no concept of the costs of "code forking."  One must alway try
one's best to convince the project lead to adopt one's suggestions rather
than cause a code fork.  As it happens, the project lead posted with an
improvement on my suggestion, so a code fork looks unlikely.  Some of us
accept the code lead's judgement in these matters...

> since you like to talk about proprietary software vs. open source, i'll 
> let you know what really makes software of  any kind successful... 
> developers.

Wow, you're right. I have one billion (count them) developers for
"Fuck You, You Bastards - Lite."  Once you install it, it causes your
computer to electrocute you then destroy itself.  Ordinarily, it would
bomb, but because we have more developers than any other piece of software
it is a guarnateed success.  You're right, it's the developers that count.

> at root, microsoft became what it is  for one simple reason, people
> wrote software for it.

You are so gullible I have e bridge to sell you.  Actually, several

> ms courted developers early and often.

MS FUCKED developers of competing products early and often.   Hang on
a moment, this is a *nix list so you must be a troll.

> you really ought to apoligize to the list for your bad behavior.

Ummmm, pot, kettle, you hypocritical lying bastard...

> since you're nasty.

s/nasty/truthful and kelly hates it/gi

Paul Allen
Softflare Support

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