On Wed, 2003-09-24 at 23:31, Tom Collins wrote:
> > A feature request for vaddaliasdomin.  I would like a configure option
> > (best) or a command-line switch (not so good) that reverses the order 
> > of the two arguments.  I'd like it for two reasons:
> What if it was automatic?

A bit odd to document, but otherwise a fabulous idea.

> vaddaliasdomain x.com y.com
> If both x.com and y.com exist, exit with an error.
> If x.com exists, make y.com an alias to it.
> If y.com exists, make x.com an alias to it.
> If neither exists, exit with an error.
> It shouldn't be difficult to do -- you can use vget_assign() to see if 
> the domain exists.

Please see SF Patch 812150 - It does exactly what you proposed here.


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