Steve Ames wrote:

Am I reading into this statement that vpopmail is already in the process of
layering the code in such a manner as to isolate qmail thus allowing,
potentially, other MTA libraries to be added and used? If thats the case
then I will positively help in whatever way is needed. I had actually
grabbed the latest code a few days ago and was about to delve into making it
work with postfix. If the main developers are planning to allow for this in
a cleaner manner I will certainly help.

I don't know that any consideration is being given to making it work with other MTAs, but quite a bit of the worker code has been moved into the vpopmail library. Tom has recently added code to put aliases in the database instead of qmail files, and code to retrieve a list of domains, or data about a domain. Ken just wrote a daemon that lets you make a tcp connection to your mail server to manage mail accounts. I've made the domain list return sorted domain names, added support for quite a few new functions in the PHP vpopmail extension, and written a PHP object to hide all the streams activity to use the daemon.

Even though there is no effort being put into adding other MTAs, this
trend should make it easier to do.  The next big thing that needs to be
moved to the library is mailing lists.  Right now all the code to handle
them is located in qmailadmin.  The daemon promises to provide similar
code, and I believe the best way to handle it is to move the code that
does the work into the library and let qmailadmin and the daemon call it.


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