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Right. However what I'm saying is that it wouldn't take much to make
vpopmail work properly with other MTA.

Just jack up the user interface, and replace all the code that does the real work...

I don't believe that's true... especially in an SQL environment.

I've found code that does low level direct management of qmail all over vpopmail and qmailadmin. I have no doubt vqadmin has it too. There is work in progress to move some of those functions into the vpopmail library, but much remains.

I'm not sure which user interface your referring to?

The files in ~vpopmail/bin/, or qmailadmin or vqadmin or the stuff I did with PHP. It doesn't matter, they are all full of code that controls qmail directly. The first thing that has to be done is get all that moved inside the library. Once the mail system is at least as well abstracted as the databases we can start thinking about supporting other mail systems.

If you want to do something, grab the latest development CVS from
SourceFORGE and get familiar with the code.  Mbowe has a number of good
comments in the source code on things that need to be done.  Pick one
and submit a patch on the vpopmail-devel (sourceforge) list.

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