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> >Without pointing to DJB's website, care to back this up?
> >
> http://cr.yp.to/surveys/smtpsoftware6.txt
> That's from 2001.

I know you didn't just point to DJB's website :)
The credentia.cc (http://www.credentia.cc/research/surveys/smtp/200304/)
site shows (and it was done April 2003):

      8244 38.78% Sendmail
      3707 17.44% Microsoft IIS/Other
      1981 9.32% qmail
      1789 8.42% IMail
      1244 5.85% Exim
      1243 5.85% smap
      825 3.88% CPMTA
      537 2.53% Postfix
      500 2.35% Microsoft Exchange
      340 1.60% CheckPoint FireWall-1
      848 3.99% Other

Shows qmail in the number 3 slot. However when number 3 means 9.32% (and
that's slightly lower than the previous survey 200301 survey so its going
down) you gotta admin the minority. Making vpopmail work with sendmail (and
that gets you postfix automatically almost).

> It would be a fun project to try to do that again, though.
> The biggest challenge will probably be to get a representative sample of
> domains and MXs


> Yes, and it's with those where there's no alternative to qmail and
> At least, through a brief search of freshmeat, sf.net and google, I
> couldn't find anything that comes near vpopmail+qmailadmin+vqadmin+qmail.

vpopmail being the biggest part to make the virtualization happen.

> The problem with qmail is that it's not really developed any further.
> But given that, it has surprisingly little security-holes found ;-)
> But the applications more or less dictate the choice of the underlying
> platform.
> And the choice could be much worse.

Yep. No argument. But it could easily be way better :)

> It's very difficult (impossible?) to account for the usage of a MTA,
> when most of them are now hidden behind AV-gateways.
> Also: what do you count ? Just "handling" or actual mailboxes ?
> It's an endless debate.


> And until someone comes up with a real cool solution that allows to use
> postfix as a hosting-platform without writing everything from scratch,
> qmail and vpopmail are just going to stay around.

Right. However what I'm saying is that it wouldn't take much to make
vpopmail work properly with other MTA.


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