On Tuesday 25 May 2004 08:33 am, martin wrote:
> I am getting the error that my host is not found in the rcpthost
> file...however..it is there. This is my second email box that I am
> building "RH9" and I am not sure where I failed this time around (or
> maybe I did the first one wrong).
>  I enabled remote users in vpopmail...on the first box...I am able to
> send out fine.  On the second box...I can only send out if I have the
> smtp auth info set up in the email program.  Now...does this mean that I
> totally screwed up on my first box and it is an open relay?  I don't
> think so since I setup the second box the same way as far as what is
> allowed to be used as a relay client..  The first box is running vpop
> 5.2.2  the second is using 5.4.0

if you're using tcpserver for your smtp service, you need to point its -x flag 
at the proper cdb file on your system that vpopmail is rebuilding.  vpopmail 
told you which one that was when you configured and built it, so that's where 
you'll find your answer.



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