On Wednesday 02 June 2004 07:46 am, JB wrote:
> > Or maybe you could explain it to me because I am currently googling on
> > the subject and there is a whole shitload of people asking the same
> > question, but nobody seems to have the solution

I don't really understand how any of this really has anything to do with 
vpopmail... sounds like you're needing help configuring your ftp server, 
which, last I knew, was not what this list was for... but I could be wrong ;)

> I would setup pam to use the same ldap or mysql database as vpopmail.
> Unless you have the time and inclination to explore the subject and
> do-it-yourself, You might find it easier to use purftpd from
> http://purftpd.org/.

I assume you mean pure-ftpd from http://pureftpd.org .... yes, it has vpopmail 
support.  It's also muy sexy.


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