Jeremy Kitchen wrote:
On Wednesday 02 June 2004 07:46 am, JB wrote:
Or maybe you could explain it to me because I am currently googling on
the subject and there is a whole shitload of people asking the same
question, but nobody seems to have the solution

I don't really understand how any of this really has anything to do with 
vpopmail... sounds like you're needing help configuring your ftp server, 
which, last I knew, was not what this list was for... but I could be wrong ;)
You are partly right; it is about vsftpd. On the other hand, I'd like to use vpopmail's vchkpwd module as authenticator so I can use the virtual users from qmail, who, in fact, will be the ftp users. So basically I'd like to know how to (ab)use vpopmail pam auth in vsftpd. Supposedly vsftpd supports pam authentication, so according to my limited intelect it should be possible to use vchkpw...right?
I dont know anything (yet) about pam, so forgive my ignorance if this is a trivial question :P


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