On Wednesday 02 June 2004 11:37 am, Patrick Donker wrote:

> >I don't really understand how any of this really has anything to do with
> >vpopmail... sounds like you're needing help configuring your ftp server,
> >which, last I knew, was not what this list was for... but I could be wrong
> > ;)
> You are partly right; it is about vsftpd. On the other hand, I'd like to
> use vpopmail's vchkpwd module as authenticator so I can use the virtual
> users from qmail, who, in fact, will be the ftp users. So basically I'd
> like to know how to (ab)use vpopmail pam auth in vsftpd. Supposedly
> vsftpd supports pam authentication, so according to my limited intelect
> it should be possible to use vchkpw...right?
> I dont know anything (yet) about pam, so forgive my ignorance if this is
> a trivial question :P

pam as in .. unix pam.. it's true that vpopmail is, by definition "a pam" as 
in a pluggable authentication module, however I don't believe it can 
interface with the UNIX pam services.


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