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Hello James,

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I really don't see why you would have to recompile qmail, and especially
qmail-smtpd. qmail-smtp uses an external password checker like vchkpw.
qmail-send bounces the message if it can't find a match.

Chkuser does use the vpopmail library, in order to check instantly for user existance. It does NOT use external checker, for performance reasons. Using an external checker would mean to run it each time for a different recipient (one run, one attach, etc.. for each recipient), much more slow and resources demanding.

I remember you're using Bill's Shupp megapatch, and Bill gives different versions of chkuser integration, depending if you're using cdb, mysql or other.

So, if you changed from cdb to MySQL, you must now adapt your Makefile (add mysql libraries and probably -lz) an recompile, or run again Bill's patch (chkuser.mysql) over a plain qmail installation and recompile.

Or, there is a new patch here around, using an external checker. If you don't have any performance issue, use the new patch.


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