Hello James,

Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 9:57:44 AM you wrote:

JT> I'm not entirely sure how to rebuild qmail-smtpd to use the new 
JT> libvpopmail for MySQL.  I'm imagining I have to recompile Qmail, but
JT> how do I single out qmail-smtpd to be the only thing to build, and how
JT> do I get it to recognize vpopmail with mysql support exactly? Thanks
JT> for your help!

Bear with me as I'm new to qmail myself but it seems that it's not
getting resolved...

I really don't see why you would have to recompile qmail, and especially
qmail-smtpd. qmail-smtp uses an external password checker like vchkpw.
qmail-send bounces the message if it can't find a match.

Why don't you post an unedited version of your logfile and your run
script. What patches have you applied to qmail? Are you using vchkpw to
check the password? If it was working before, what have you installed

>> You need to rebuild qmail-smtpd so it links to the new libvpopmail
>> that's built for MySQL instead of CDB.

What does qmail-smtpd with libvpopmail?

Regards, Charles.

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