Hi Tom,

On Oct 22, 2004, at 2:57 PM, Walter Souto R. Junior wrote:
I do fix my run file for smtp, but now I have a "501 malformed auth input (#5.5.4)" using telnet. I'm also trying with Opera with plain, auth and cram-md5 without success. My run file looks like:

Well, you need to enter a properly formatted request. Jeremy's example used bogus input.

I just tried your server with 'AUTH PLAIN MTIzADEyMwAxMjM=' and it worked.

When you set up Opera, you need to set the complete email address as the username -- perhaps that's your problem?

Yes, I'm always use the complete e-mail address as the username. I'm a reader - until now I'm just read - of this list about 3 years, and I can say that is my first thread.

Currently I'm keeping my server "open", without the hostname as a parameter to qmail-smtpd. Thats the reason that it worked. If I put the hostaname, nobody can suscefully login and send e-mail, independs on the method used. I think thats the solution is upgrade vpopmail and use the more recente smtp-auth patch.

To be short: If I put the hostname as a parameter, nobody logins, if I don't, everybody logins, so, I'm missing something, maybe trivial, but in that moment I can't see... So, have something that I can do now without upgrade my entire system?


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