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> How are you planning on making per-user options available to individual
> users for editing?  I thought I had read something about using SqWebmail
> for this but I can not find the message now and can find no other
> confirmation, and the SqWebmail info does not seem to mention any support
> for spamassasin.

We are almost ready to release a new php web interface that talks to the
vpopmail daemon where we planned on adding support for this spamassassin
stuff. Hopefully we can release the new code tomorrow.

I don't know the PHP Web Interface written by Ken to change the per-user Spamassassin options but we are using here a Squirrelmail plugin that works smoothly in a Vpopmail system. It uses a C wrapper to write the User Prefs to .spamassassin dirs solving the permissions issue this way. Obviously this could be a useful solution only if you use this Webmail interface.


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