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3) We don't have personnel and don't intend to dedicade C programmers to develop patches for qmail by ourselves.

Out of curiosity, how frequently do you find the need to patch qmail? I would have thought it was a "decide what it needs to do, patch qmail to do that, then install & ignore" kind of process.

My boss actually dreams on making us a mail outsourcer for other companies.We are already a small ISP, but he dreams about our customers stop using their MS Outlook's to use our supposed beautiful webmail/domain-administration solution of his dreams. So he wants to know if there is something already close to it on the open-source market. He wants to know if there is something ready. (don't get mad with me, I'm just researching what he asked)

Ahh... well, don't get too anxious for people to drop their MS Outlooks. I've yet to see a webmail that provides the speed and convenience (and offline access) that a good client-side mail browser can (not that I'm defending MS Outlook or anything).

What's bad on inter7 tools? For example, my boss thinks Sqwebmail is ugly, and it really is. But, IMP is a pain in the ass to set it up. We substituted Sqwebmail to IMP, but when I have to update IMP I almost break down and cry. Sqwebmail is easy and ugly, IMP is handsome and very complicated to install.

I've been very happy with squirrelmail. The interface is fairly customizeable (especially given that it's written in PHP with CSS stylesheets), it has a lot of useful plugins, and upgrading it is a breeze: just replace the folder full of php scripts (I've done it by hand before, and I currently use the Debian package -- they're about equally as easy). I can change the configuration per-domain by using the vlogin plugin (www.squirrelmail.org/plugin_view.php?id=47). Of course, ymmv.

But we're happy with Qmailadmin though. But could be nicer if Sqwebmail and Qmailadmin were integrated and very good looking, providing a continuos look and feel pattern.

The best I've gotten here is a homemade tiny squirrelmail plugin that puts a link to qmailadmin on the squirrelmail login page. If anyone's interested, I can post it (though it's really and truly trivial).

But look at it this way: there's nothing in the license that says you
can't take qmail, rename it to (mySweetMailserver, for example), and
release it under the GPL. That nobody's done that says something.

I don't understand about licensing, but I researching on Qmail-ldap, I heard it is licensed "under BSD which is DFSG-free" - having this licensing, could it be shipped with the distributions? Do you have some opinion on Qmail-ldap?

Mmm, not exactly. Qmail-ldap is based on qmail (as I understand, it's a big patch to qmail). The patch itself has a license (BSD) which is separate from qmail-proper.

However, I've never used qmail-ldap. Though all my account information is stored in ldap, I've stuck with using vpopmail's ldap support.

Some ideas with webmail applications and domain administration?

Definitely give squirrelmail a go. As far as domain administration goes... have you checked out Inter7's offerings? They have vqadmin, vqregister, and vqsignup which I think would do a lot of what you want.

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