> of course, if libvpopmail were a shared library and you had linked
> courier-authlib to the shared library, then as long as the API hadn't
> changed you would be okay.
> but since it does statically link, i would say to re-compile
> everything that uses libvpopmail. note that if you're using the
> "chkuser" patch for qmail, you also need to re-compile qmail as well
> (which is my biggest objection to the chkuser patch- qmail shouldn't
> have to be rebuilt every time you upgrade vpopmail.)
Please, please, please don't spread FUD by even implicitly blaming
chkuser for this. There's no way to implement chkuser in even a vaguely
efficient manner without linking against vpopmail. Vpopmail needs to
begin building a shared library, then everybody else can just magically
begin using it.

This puts the blame squarely where it belongs, on the heads of the
developers maintaining vpopmail who completely refuse to integrate
shared library support into vpopmail. They've been sent patches, and
never offered detailed reasons for refusing to integrate.


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