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One problem is that some programs (including qmailadmin) actually make use of information in the header files to conditionally compile its code. To truly move to a dynamic lib, we need to have any program that links to libvpopmail do so without using vpopmail's config file. It's not as simple as just making the lib dynamic.

What if we wrote an external program that chkuser could run instead of having to link to libvpopmail? Would that be a good solution.

here's a slightly different idea- instead of an external program that vchkpw calls, how about an external program that the "./configure" commands from the other packages could use?

look at the "mysql_config" program which is built as part of mysql. it's not really part of the server, it simply exists to return the data that other programs might need when they are compiled (think of "qmail-showctl", but geared more toward the needs of a compiler rather than a human being, although without a specific option it could show all of the options... again, like how "mysql_config" works.)

then think of a vpopmail_config program which works the same way- if run without options it shows a help message which includes all of the data, and if run with an option it would print the actual compiler option that the other package's "configure" script would need.

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