>Thanks for pointing that out to me. I always love the friendly and
>helpful advice I get from maillists. I certainly appreciate the people
>who never address me in a condescending or derogatory manner. Thanks so
>much for simply correcting my misinformation instead of lowering
>yourself to becoming rude and insulting.

Dave -
I apologize if I came across as condescending, it was a failed attempt at 
I do get a little touchy about this issue since I've tried to present everybody 
with all of the facts, I've done all of the research anybody suggested. I've 
never even really gotten disagreement about the benefits of what I'm 
suggesting, and yet I get nowhere on the project. 
I never even asked somebody to do the work, I simply asked if people were 
interested, submitted a patch, responded to suggestions and questions, and then 
the issue disappeared. 
When I see the arguments you make, some of which are contradicted by the 
research I've done, I get a little snippy. Part of this is because I see enough 
traffic on this list that is simply people asking the same questions that 
could've been answered by the archives.


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