OK, I RTFM'd and found this from Ken... but CAN I TURN IT OFF? Is anyone out there?

"Virtual domain user directory structure

Vpopmail uses an adaptive directory structure based on a state file ".dir-control" which is automatically managed by the core vpopmail api functions "vadduser" and "vdeluser". For sites with 100 users or less, all user directories are stored in the virtual domain directory. For sites that go above 100 users the adaptive directory structure goes into effect. The basic idea is to break up the user Maildir directories across multple directories and sub directories so that there are never more than 100 user directories in a single directory.

The default directory setup allows for 62 directories in 3 levels and 100 user directories per directory. The total number of user directories is equal to 100 + (62 * 100) + (62 * 62 * 100) + (62 * 62 * 62 * 100) = over 24 million directories. This should be more than sufficent for any site and probably goes beyond the technology of directory structures.

If you are going to be storing large numbers of user directories, make sure you set your file system to have a higher than normal percentage of inodes.

Vpopmail will automatically create these directories and sub directories as needed and populate each directory with up to 100 user accounts. As soon as a directory reaches 100 users it will create the next directory or sub directory and store the new users directory there.

Look in the source code release directory contrib/ for a contributed directory reorganization program."

Dave Richardson wrote:
I'm using a script to add thousands of user accounts as part of a migration for a single domain. It's a perl script making repeated calls to
/home/vpopmail/bin/vadduser -e "dsfgskjghaekjrgkr" [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The scripting is working fine, I see the accounts correctly in MySQL's vpopmail table.

However, I'm seeing vadduser create a hierarchy of folders after about the first 80-100 users are added. Using subfolders A-z,0-9.

I only have about 7,000 users to manage and would rather NOT subtree (whatever the term is) this user hierarchy.

What logic controls when vadduser decides to subtree the folders for a particular domain?

Or, should I just let my script run out all the migrations, create the user/Maildirs wherever, and then start moving them to the root of the domain folder? That leaves some nasty work in SQL to clean up the home folder field!

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