I've tried to get vconvert to work on the source server, but it's a really old version of vpopmail and the files for the users on an NFS mount in a non-standard folder. There are other issues with the source configuration, but in short, they have all 7000 users in one primary domain folder.

I have written a script (you know that now) that is parsing this source folder, then parsing the /etc/shadow file, and creating a series of commands to directly call /home/vpopmail/vadduser with the required values (per user) for every user.

So the problem is that I've got to solve the sync of the user Maildirs once we're ready to migrate completely. My sources are in a single domain folder, now my targets are in a single domain folder. Once I rsync the folder data, I'm essentially ready to go.

My thinking was that I could "repair" the big-dirs issue after the fact by slowly moving users' Maildirs from the domain folder to a domain subfolder.

The alternative solution would be to find a much smarter way to rysnc the data based upon where the big-dirs enabled target migration puts the users' maildirs. I suppose I could go down that road too, scripting for it, but I suspect the rsync activity would take considerably longer than the few hours it does now. We're moving almost 25G of email, albeit within a local LAN.

Appreciate your consideration of options, opinions welcome!

Ismail YENIGUL wrote:

What is the problem with big-dirs while migrating the users?
If you can tell us the reason of the disabling big-dirs,
We can try to find out a solution without disabling big-dirs.
I guess it is related with the script?

Sunday, October 8, 2006, 11:29:56 PM, you wrote:

OK, fair point.  So let me ask this please.

If I migrate with big-dirs DISABLED, then I recompile to enable big-dirs
AND I move some accounts into subfolders "a", "b", "c", etc while making
appropriate adjustments in vpopmail table, is that an appropriate way to
control this risk?


Ismail YENIGUL wrote:

Please note that creating 7000 sub directories in a single directory will
effect your performance negatively.

Friday, October 6, 2006, 11:50:26 PM, you wrote:

Rick Macdougall wrote:
Dave Richardson wrote:
I'm using a script to add thousands of user accounts as part of a migration for a single domain. It's a perl script making repeated calls to
/home/vpopmail/bin/vadduser -e "dsfgskjghaekjrgkr" [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The scripting is working fine, I see the accounts correctly in MySQL's vpopmail table.

However, I'm seeing vadduser create a hierarchy of folders after about the first 80-100 users are added. Using subfolders A-z,0-9.

I only have about 7,000 users to manage and would rather NOT subtree (whatever the term is) this user hierarchy.

What logic controls when vadduser decides to subtree the folders for a particular domain?

Or, should I just let my script run out all the migrations, create the user/Maildirs wherever, and then start moving them to the root of the domain folder? That leaves some nasty work in SQL to clean up the home folder field!

Configure vpopmail with --disable-users-big-dir.

--disable-users-big-dir    Disable hashing of user directories.



Thanks Rick and Jon!

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