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I would like to see some stats on this. Do you have any facts or evidence to back this up? On current systems 7000 directories inside a directory should not be a problem. Most employ hashing of some sort to speed up this kind of thing. On my FreeBSD system there is currently a directory with 10,010 directories, and it is no slower than if that same directory had only 128 directories in it for example. Several of my users are on several mailing lists for open source projects, and some of their Maildir's have cur directories with over 30,000 emails in them. Biggest one is 150,000, with no slow downs. No extra load on my server. DJB gave qmail's queue split directories, why I do not understand, and I might never, since clearly he did not create his Maildir's to have the same sort of split directories for speedy access by IMAP/POP3 or other mail protocols. I always disable vpopmail's big dir stuff, as writing scripts for it is harder, extra sub directories to traverse.

Bert JW Regeer

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Please note that creating 7000 sub directories in a single directory will
effect your performance negatively.

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Rick Macdougall wrote:
Dave Richardson wrote:
I'm using a script to add thousands of user accounts as part of a
migration for a single domain.  It's a perl script making repeated
calls to
/home/vpopmail/bin/vadduser -e "dsfgskjghaekjrgkr" [EMAIL PROTECTED]

The scripting is working fine, I see the accounts correctly in
MySQL's vpopmail table.

However, I'm seeing vadduser create a hierarchy of folders after
about the first 80-100 users are added.  Using subfolders A-z,0-9.

I only have about 7,000 users to manage and would rather NOT subtree
(whatever the term is) this user hierarchy.

What logic controls when vadduser decides to subtree the folders for
a particular domain?

Or, should I just let my script run out all the migrations, create
the user/Maildirs wherever, and then start moving them to the root of
the domain folder?  That leaves some nasty work in SQL to clean up
the home folder field!


Configure vpopmail with --disable-users-big-dir.

--disable-users-big-dir    Disable hashing of user directories.



Thanks Rick and Jon!


Proje Yƶneticisi / Project Manager

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