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For the SQL back end we should add a sequence field with a default value of 0. When retrieving the valias lines they should be ORDER BY Sequence, Address.


Extra credit if the addresses are sorted like the /var/qmail/ congrol files so domains sort together.

not unless every single line in the .qmail file is an address.

there are cases where program deliveries need to be processed in a specific order- i have one alias, for example, which always delivers to two mailboxes, then runs a program which does a text search, and if certain words are found in the body of the message, delivers to three other mailboxes as well.

The fun part is making a .qmail/.vpopmail file look like a table. I think it will be easier to efficiently make the file look like a database rather than treating the database like a file.

i'm not sure what you mean here. the format of a .qmail file is defined by what qmail-local understands, because if a .qmail file exists in a domain's directory, qmail-local processes it directly and vpopmail's executables never have a chance to modify how it works (unless the .qmail file contains an explicit call to "vdelivermail".)

i've always thought the best way to do it was to just add a sequence field to the SQL table containing the aliases, and have "vdelivermail" just duplicate what qmail-local would do if presented with a .qmail file containing the same lines in the specified sequence.

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