> Patches attached :-
> 1) vpopmail-5.4.13-dot-qmail.patch - Implements .qmail-extension (etc) > in the users directory.


> 3) vpopmail-5.4.17-valias.patch - Changes to valias to remove SQL only
> restriction and implement alias line removal.

Very nice!

> 4) vpopmail-5.4.17-vpopmaild.patch - Implements list_alias and
> list_lists commands using the new valias code.

Very nice!

As far as the second patch goes, it just implements what I think is a missing feature from the commandline 'valias', and that is the ability to remove a line from an alias (either .qmail file or SQL backend). This patch also removes the SQL only restriction.

Next we need the ability to guarantee the order of the lines in both .qmail and SQL back ends...

I know most of the community only want to use SQL backends, I however do not, so I have been patching vpopmail for a while now so the file backend works.

I'm not so sure about most. I use cdb, and so does everyone else that uses the Shupp toaster as written.

While scanning the vpopmaild.c code, I noticed a comment in there that the list_alias and list_lists commands needed re-writing to use the new valias code, this is what I have done. This removes the need for the bkscandir function (although that patch does not remove it). Also the output of these commands does not display the leading .qmail (as the old commands did), this is probably correct for both file and SQL backends.


Note: I also have a patch which is the same as 1) but does not call the files in the users .qmail, instead calls them .vpopmail files. I personaly prefer .qmail files so vpopmail looks like a qmail installation as far as users are concerned.

I have mixed feelings about this. I'm sure Charles Cazabon on the qmail list would rejoice if we did this. On the other hand we seem to be moving towards having all the functionality of .qmail files built into vdelivermail, which would also take care of his objections.

The best solution would probably be to read both .vpopmail and .qmail files in the user directories, and start naming files executed by vdelivermail .vpopmail. I'd like to see this patch...

If there are any bugs in these patches, please let me know.

I hope to find some time this weekend. There are a number of features I've wished for for quite some time...


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