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I have a patch for implementing personal .qmail files (.qmail files inside the user directory and not just in the domain directory), I also have a
variation on this patch to name these .vpopmail files.

I also have a patch which implements alias line removal in valias.c (-r
flag), removal of SQL aliases only and adding alias line removal in
vpalias.c (function valias_remove()).

I also have a patch which changes vpopmaild.c to use the new valias code
(as requested in vpopmaild.c - as a comment).

Does anyone want these patches - I did not want to litter the list with
them.  I had sent the first one to the list before which while it
provoked a discussion got forgotten.  I find them all VERY useful.

We're definitely interested. I maintain the 5.4 releases, and have 5.4.18 waiting to be released. It includes a lot of changes by Rick Widmer, and patches by Peter Pentchev.

I'm not sure I understand the first one though -- vdelivermail and qmailadmin already support a .qmail file in the user's directory. Are you talking about .qmail-extension files?

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