Darrel O'Pry wrote:
I'm currently considering replacing qmail in my mail systems.

I was wondering if anyone had tried vpopmail with postfix or exim and
what their experiences were.

Yeah, I use vpopmail with postfix. Love it. postfix user existence checks mean I don't have large queues. vpopmail + mysql + postfix in my configuration.

I'd like to make the mail server change without changing my user
management tool set. I've got too much tied to vpopmail.

You can inject mails from postfix one at a time into qmail and then qmail will send it the normal way. Or you get yourself a delivery agent that understands vpopmail or dot-qmail...

It would be nice if there was an option for vpopmail to manage the /var/qmail/control/* files without qmail actually installed...for postfix I just need the contents of locals and rcpthosts...really just rcpthosts

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