Christopher Chan wrote:

There is a better patch for vpopmail support in qmail. A mysql patch that goes straight the vpopmail mysql database but I am not sure of its location. The writer even rebuffed one of Inter7's developers when someone floated the idea of qmail supporting vpopmail's mysql tables and the developer said he would write it since he was not aware of the patch's existence. So I believe the Inter7 guy drop it right then and there or maybe not. I believe it is this one here and the writer was Italian:

postfix trumps chkusr/chkuser just as chkusr/chkuser trumps the cdb check.

First, chkusr vs rcptto.cdb. tcpserver + qmail-smtpd means a fresh fork for each new connection. The cdb rcptto means a disk access for each rcpt to check and regular rebuilds of the cdb database. chkusr/chkuser helps by keeping I/O of disk (okay we can contest whether looking up cdbs is better than looking up mysql tables or not but I think it is fair game to say that mysql lookups are more likely to be disk I/O free) and by not needing regular rebuilds of a cdb file. In fact, it offers instant/real-time user existence checks.

In addition, I believe Matt Simerson authored a tcpserver mysql patch to allow the removal of cdb files altogether. - it's great for heavily loaded servers, because constantly recompiling that damn file with multiple processes tends to corrupt it.

I love qmail too, but I'm with ya on all the 'unapproved' patches and it's concurrency limitations.


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