Rick Romero wrote:
Christopher Chan wrote:

In addition, I believe Matt Simerson authored a tcpserver mysql patch to allow the removal of cdb files altogether. http://www.tnpi.biz - it's great for heavily loaded servers, because constantly recompiling that damn file with multiple processes tends to corrupt it.

Eh? Rebuilding it while multiple processes are accessing it corrupts it?!? Or multiple processes trying to rebuild the same file?
I believe it's multiple processes trying to rebuild the same file. I've had a corrupted cdb for a long time - from courier POP auths. I've never fixed it because I also have the mysql patches, and SMTP Auth in place. Everything works, so I'm not touching it until I completely rebuild that system :)

Heh. I do the same with postfix. SMTP-AUTH against vpopmail tables is a no brainer.

I love qmail too, but I'm with ya on all the 'unapproved' patches and it's concurrency limitations.

The mysql side of things could be alleviated by using sqlrelay. Don't hammer mysql. Hammer sqlrelay instead :)
Oh EXCELLENT tip. I thought replicating the database to each server was the best solution, sqlrelay looks like it'll make things even better.

Thanks Christopher

You are welcome Rick. I would still keep a slave or two around :). Don't let the sudden huge decrease in load make you do drastic reductions in mysql server instances :D.

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