> On two (low volume) machines with vpopmail interfaced with mysql as the
> data
> store, it seemed to work successfully.  I updated the database schema with
> no
> issues.  This is with v5.4.21
Did you follow the UPGRADE document in 5.4.21 exactly and rename the
'domain' columns to 'pw_domain'?  If so, then your DB is now wrong. 
Apparently the fix I posted about the UPGRADE document didn't make it into

The vpopmail table, and ONLY the vpopmail table, has a column named
'pw_domain'.  Every other table should have a 'domain' column, as the
earlier UPGRADE document listed (which incorrectly listed vpopmail as
having a 'domain' column).

The other suggestion I can make is try stracing the new version and see
where it fails...


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