On Thursday 06 September 2007, Joshua Megerman wrote:

> The vpopmail table, and ONLY the vpopmail table, has a column named
> 'pw_domain'.  Every other table should have a 'domain' column, as the
> earlier UPGRADE document listed (which incorrectly listed vpopmail as
> having a 'domain' column).

No, thankfully.  I was the one who reported the inconsistency in the upgrade 
document when *.20 rolled.  I should have mentioned that this same thing 
happened to one of my test boxes when I tried *.20 but it didn't on another 
(which it turns out is CDB because it handles two personal domains).  So *.20 
likely has the problem as well, I didn't delve that deeply the first time.

I straced the command and it opens a MySQL connection, does a MySQL query and 
then segfaults immediately.

As I said, the behaviour doesn't occur in the CDB binary.


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