On Jan 2, 2008, at 11:13 AM, Matthew Goodman wrote:
My customers use Qmailadmin to administer their email boxes. For some
reason, when they create an account using Qmailadmin, unless they "Enable Spam Detection" a .qmail file is NOT created. Is this normal behavior from what you know of it? I suppose this might be the wrong list, but again, Qmailadmin's behavior does not explain why after the upgrade Vpopmail has
a problem delivering mail.

This is normal behavior -- if email should just be placed in the user's Maildir, no .qmail file is necessary.

It sounds like your vdelivermail is having problems. Have you checked the qmail-send logs? It should be showing you why there's a temp failure.

I am personally using 5.4.20 on my system, and according to the CVS logs, vdelivermail in 5.4.26 is the same as in 5.4.20.

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