Well I'm glad you asked that question, after rebuilding maildrop, I noticed
it *overwrote* my /etc/maildroprc file. Normally, it is a symlink to
/etc/mailfilter. So when it overwrote the maildroprc symlink I had created,
it brought with it the .maildir reference.

Thank you for asking the question :) It spurred some more investigation to
get the problem fixed.

So far in the time it took to write this, over 500 messages were cleared
from the queue :) Looks like it may be finally good to go. 


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On Jan 2, 2008, at 3:05 PM, Matthew Goodman wrote:
> @40000000477c1866206baccc delivery 30202: deferral:
> /usr/bin/maildrop:_Unable_to_create_a_dot-lock_at_/var/ 
> vpopmail/./.maildir/25184.0.ark.//
> I see a few of these... aside from the usual "Unable to create log  
> file"
> error that maildrop kicks out for aliases or emails that don't  
> belong to
> actual accounts.
> Any ideas?

Why does maildrop want to use .maildir instead of Maildir?  Odd that  
it wants to use the vpopmail directory instead of a user's directory  
as well...

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