Ok, I took your advice and instead switched each users .qmail file (that
did not have one setup) to utilize the maildrop command that Qmailadmin
enables once "Spam Detection" is checked. This seems to work.

It's |/var/qmail/bin/preline /usr/bin/maildrop /etc/mailfilter

My customers use Qmailadmin to administer their email boxes. For some
reason, when they create an account using Qmailadmin, unless they "Enable
Spam Detection" a .qmail file is NOT created. Is this normal behavior from
what you know of it? I suppose this might be the wrong list, but again,
Qmailadmin's behavior does not explain why after the upgrade Vpopmail has
a problem delivering mail.

I see about 11,000 messages in the qmail queue at the moment. None of them
are being delivered. Users have messages backed up in their /Maildir/tmp
folder from several days ago.

qmailctl flush does not force the delivery of all these items.

The actual setup looks like this:

netqmail-1.05, qmail-scanner-2.01-st, vpopmail 5.4.26 - all compiled from
Gentoo ebuilds. The vpopmail ebuild I sort of made by hand, so as much as
possible I investigate the ebuilds carefully for strange/rogue settings
and such.

As I stated before, things were working fine with vpopmail 5.4.17 since
July without a hitch. I just have to confess that my guru-ness with
vpopmail is limited, so this problem is a bit more elusive than my own
abilities can track.

At any rate, any thoughts would be helpful.

> On Jan 2, 2008, at 1:29 AM, Matthew Goodman wrote:
>> ---.qmail file for users without any maildrop rules to run---
>> |/var/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail /var/vpopmail/domains/%d/%u/Maildir
> No!  You don't want to do this.
> Reminder to everyone in the world -- vdelivermail should only be in
> your .qmail-default file.  Never anywhere else.
> I'm not sure I understand why your installation of 5.4.26 isn't
> working -- if there isn't a .qmail file, the message should just go
> into the user's maildir.
> If you absolutely MUST have a .qmail file, it will just contain a
> single line -- the path to that user's Maildir.
> Keep in mind that with directory hashing, their maildir might not be
> in domains/%d/%u/Maildir.
> You could try using just ./Maildir and see if that works -- I think
> vdelivermail is already in the user's directory when it's parsing
> the .qmail file.
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