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We are running a setup in which a central server receives and sends mails for users sitting at multiple branches. Branches each have a server which downloads mails by fetchmail and uploads mails for users within our domains but sitting at other branches with maildirsmtp. Among different business units we have 6 domains configured on the central server.

The central server is running qmail+vpopmail+qmail-scanner+spamassassin+clamav. The branch servers have qmail with local user accounts with courier imap.

The setup has been running well with vpopmail 5.4.9 for past few years. Due to very heavy load on qmail-scanner we decided to implement John Simpson's validrcptto.cdb to filter out invalid recipients before messages hit qmail-scanner. As part of this we upgraded vpopmail to 5.4.27 in order to get the onchange functionality. The validrcptto mechanism now works perfectly.

Now we can receive all mail from outside world ok, but any mail delivered to the central server with maildirsmtp from the branches bounces with "mail is looping" error. This must be because of the Delivered-To: header present in the message which was inserted by the branch server qmail while delivering the message to alias for onward delivery to the central server by means of maildirsmtp.

What I would like to know is what changed between 5.4.9 to 5.4.27 to cause this. And how can I get this working in 5.4.27?

Koustubha Kale


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