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> How do I know if I am reaching the header limit?

Take a mail and cut all lines below the first blank line from the top and do
wc -l
to count the no of headers

> I dont have a  control/MAXHOPS Never had.
> If that is the problem how does reverting back to vpopmail 5.4.9
> resolves the issue?

I think I have found out your problem.

1. On the central server you are using vdelivermail to deliver it to a
     Check your .qmail-default file on the central server.
    vdelivermail adds a Delivered-To: header

2. On the final branch server, you are again using vdelivermail to deliver
the mail to the
   user's maildir. vdelivermail has a code is_looping() which checks if the
header Delivered-To is present. The message "mail is looping" is in the
vdelivermail code. SMTP has the message
"message is looping (#5.4.6) which is totally different from the message
shown in the bounce.

3. Delivered-To is removed by maildirsmtp. Which again leads to the
suspicion that
   there are more than one delivered-To header in the mail on the central

I would request you again to go to your central server (not the branch
server and not the bounce message which you gave earlier). On the central
server go do the Maildir of the catch-all alias. Just look for Delivered-To
header in the mail.


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