On Thu, 2009-04-23 at 17:41 +0530, Koustubha Kale wrote:
> Now we can receive all mail from outside world ok, but any mail delivered to 
> the central server with 
> maildirsmtp from the branches bounces with "mail is looping" error. This must 
> be because of the 
> Delivered-To: header present in the message which was inserted by the branch 
> server qmail while 
> delivering the message to alias for onward delivery to the central server by 
> means of maildirsmtp.
> What I would like to know is what changed between 5.4.9 to 5.4.27 to cause 
> this. And how can I get 
> this working in 5.4.27?
Can you show the full headers from one mail from the Maildir on the
central server.
maildirsmtp removes the Delivered-To header from the mail before sending
it to the destination host by SMTP.
By any chance are there two Delivered-To: headers in your mail?


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