Koustubha Kale wrote:
We are running a setup in which a central server receives and sends
mails for users sitting at multiple branches. Branches each have a
server which downloads mails by fetchmail and uploads mails for users
within our domains but sitting at other branches with maildirsmtp. Among
different business units we have 6 domains configured on the central

First, I have to say, this is one of the more... creative... ways I've
seen a cluster built.

No its not a cluster in any way. Its a simple mailhub. This model was chosen because branches are on DSL connections, mails needed to be on imap server not on users desktops, old mails needed to be accessible in branches in-spite of temporary link outages, users belonging to same domains sit at different branches.

If you put back the vdelivermail binary from 5.4.9, does it seem to
'work' again?  More than likely, there was a bug fixed in the older
version that allowed your odd system of clustering to work, whereas now,
it's doing the correct checks and balances.

Again, this is really only guess.  I'd try putting your old vdelivermail
binary in place and see if that resolves your issue.

Whats odd about it? And how is it a cluster?
Its a mail server holding MX for all domains, accepts mails, does spam and anti-virus processing, holds mail till branches download it according to which user is sitting where. Its inter branch messages delivered to central server by means of maildirsmtp which are bouncing as "mail is looping".
Will try 5.4.9 vdelivermail binary with 5.4.27 and see how it goes.

Koustubha Kale


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