On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 18:41 +0530, Koustubha Kale wrote:

> Question is why it causes "mail is looping" bounces with vdelivermail 5.4.27 
> and why not in 5.4.9 
> when both are receiving exactly the same headers? And what can I do to get it 
> working in 5.4.27? ( 
> The setup has been running past few years perfectly and still does with 
> everything upgraded except 
> vpopmail )
A diff between vdelivermail.c of both this version would throw some
light. I will download version 5.4.9 in the night and see.

> Also yourself and anybody else with experience in running a similar setup 
> please share how you would 
> set things up to overcome this difficulty I am having.
I can do this off the list as it could be quite long winded. I will
explain a setup where you can have vpopmail on all branches. But on the
central server, you will need to configure the TLDs as ATRN domains. And
using On Demand Relay Protocol (ODMR) to fetch the mail and a slight
modification of vdelivermail (to use qmail-remote) to achieve
inter-branch delivery. The setup is totally reverse of what you have
(i.e. maildirsmtp happens on the central server, pushes the mails to the
branches when the branch connectivity becomes alive)


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