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>  1. On the central server you are using vdelivermail to deliver it to a
>> Maildir
>>     Check your .qmail-default file on the central server.
>>    vdelivermail adds a Delivered-To: header
> My .qmail-default on central server is
> | /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

How does it get delivered to a Maildir. Are you using an alias?

>> 2. On the final branch server, you are again using vdelivermail to deliver
>> the mail to the
>>   user's maildir. vdelivermail has a code is_looping() which checks if the
>> header Delivered-To is present. The message "mail is looping" is in the
>> vdelivermail code. SMTP has the message
>> "message is looping (#5.4.6) which is totally different from the message
>> shown in the bounce.
> The message never reaches the final branch server. Its bounced by the
> central server.
> After reading this mail, I don't think that I have understood the setup.
How are the mails then picked up from the above Maildir?

Just to explain
I also use similar setup for banks who have branches with intermittent
connectivity. Typically, I don't use vdelivermail on the central server.
Just the maildir in the .qmail-default
The delivered-To is inserted by the qmail-local program

On the branch servers I have fetchmail which uses ODMR (atrn) to pull the
mails from the central server and deliver it locally. ODMR causes
maildirsmtp to run on /mail1/xxxx/autoturn/Maildir/ and strips of the
Delivered-To header when submitting it to the local SMTP on the branch
server. There is no issue with delivering as the Delivered-To is stripped
But in your case you have to figure out the reason for the two Delivered-To:
headers. There should be only one.


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