On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 18:41 +0530, Koustubha Kale wrote:
> Question is why it causes "mail is looping" bounces with vdelivermail 5.4.27 
> and why not in 5.4.9 
> when both are receiving exactly the same headers? And what can I do to get it 
> working in 5.4.27? ( 
> The setup has been running past few years perfectly and still does with 
> everything upgraded except 
> vpopmail )
The difference is because of call to is_looping() in main() in vpopmail
5.4.27. The check earlier was only in deliver_mail().

You can use the vdelivermail.c.gz attached in this mail and see if it
solves the problem. The loopcheck behaviour can now be turned on by
setting the env variable LOOPCHECK


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