1. On the central server you are using vdelivermail to deliver it to a Maildir
     Check your .qmail-default file on the central server.
    vdelivermail adds a Delivered-To: header

My .qmail-default on central server is

| /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

2. On the final branch server, you are again using vdelivermail to deliver the mail to the user's maildir. vdelivermail has a code is_looping() which checks if the header Delivered-To is present. The message "mail is looping" is in the vdelivermail code. SMTP has the message "message is looping (#5.4.6) which is totally different from the message shown in the bounce.

The message never reaches the final branch server. Its bounced by the central 

As I had mentioned in my first mail, branch server has all users as local system accounts. There is no vpopmail installed on branch servers. So delivery is made direct to users $HOME/Maildir.

As the message is bounced by the central server it means the error code "mail is looping" is coming from the central servers vdelivermail.

3. Delivered-To is removed by maildirsmtp. Which again leads to the suspicion that there are more than one delivered-To header in the mail on the central server

I would request you again to go to your central server (not the branch server and not the bounce message which you gave earlier). On the central server go do the Maildir of the catch-all alias. Just look for Delivered-To header in the mail.

There is no catch all alias. There never was. Earlier we used to operate under catch all delete. Now it is catch all bounce. Changing it to catch all delete has no effect. Under vpopmail 5.4.9 there are no looping error bounces but under 5.4.27 there are, be it delete or bounce in the .qmail-default

I am also replying to your other mail in here..

> There are two Delivered-To headers and that's the problem.
> The first line is
> Delivered-To: alias-ppp-rc...@branch2.domain1.com
> <mailto:alias-ppp-rc...@branch2.domain1.com>
> The second is
> Delivered-To: rc...@branch2.domain.com <mailto:rc...@branch2.domain.com>
> Which of these two dissapear when you replace with the older vdelivermail?

When the mail reaches the central server, Delivered-To: alias-ppp-rc...@branch2.domain1.com disappears as it is stripped by maildirsmtp. The message is never delivered by the central server to anybody but is bounced with the looping error, hence in the bounce message we see only one Delivered-To: header which must be the remaining on from here (i.e. the one sent by the branch server ) and it must be the one causing the trouble. Its put in by branch server qmail first accepting the message as its for a local domain but later putting it in alias/pppdir as per .qmail-default when a matching user is not found on local server. Question is why was vpopmail on central server accepting this in version 5.4.9 and why is it now bouncing the same kind of messages in version 5.4.27?

> What is your .qmail-default file for branch2.domain1.com
> <http://branch2.domain1.com>?

| forward alias-ppp-"$LOCAL"@"$HOST"

Remember all branch users are local system accounts. There is no vpopmail on 
branch server.

Koustubha Kale


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